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Fiji: Another case of “provocation” against indian-police fail to protect

1 December 2010 8,490 2 Comments

November 30, 2010

Following so many hardship and supression by handful of Native Fijians the residents of Baulevu and the vicinity are still struglling to get police protection against theft and assaults. While many cases go unreported because of lack of action from the police there are times one comes up where the limit to forgive deminishes.
One such case involves Lagan Prasad, 72,of Baulevu Landing who sustained severe body injuries and his shop burgarlrised by one thug who had attempted to carry out this act twice before. THE family of an elderly shopkeeper is in shock and concerned for his safety after he was assaulted in an early morning break-in yesterday.
He was hit with an iron rod by a robber and locked in the bathroom of the shop. He suffered facial cuts and bruises, a left blackeye and bruises to both arms.
Mr Prasad tells from Baulevu that “It was around 2.30am when I heard some noise from the roof of the shop and I called my sons at home. But before they could get here the man cut through the corrugated iron roof and jumped down on the shop counter. He was armed with an iron rod .
“When he tried to hit me on the head with it, I put up my hands in defense and that’s when I got injuries on my arms.”
The suspect who already tried twice to harm pushed me inside the bathroom at the back of the shop and locked it.
“I heard him opening the cash register and damage the things in the shop. He stole $200 cash and put the loose coins in a flour sack which he managed to carry up on the roof.”
When family arrived to help they saw him running away.
“We saw him and ran after him while my brother climbed on the roof and into the shop, unlocked our father and opened the shop door,” son Jiten, said.
The Prasad brothers managed to hit the thief with stick but he crossed the fence and disappeared into the darkness.
Mr Prasad said he had run the shop for the past 30 years and had a good relationship with all in the local community.
“This is the third time I have been the victim of a break-in and it has always been the same suspect. In April last year same person broke into the shop when it was empty and we had come in time and locked him inside and waited for police to show up. The police showed up and unlocked the shop with the suspect inside but he was released,” he says.
“On Tuesday he forced his way into the shop when I was closing up and demanded money from me. I managed to push him out of the shop and locked up.”
Lack of Police action is what worries them. Jiten said they were worried as the police continued to let the suspect roam free even after they identified him.
“He has attacked my father for the third time and if he is not arrested and charged then we are afraid he might come back to the house and threaten us,” he said.

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  • Vishal said:

    Do what they do in Vai Vai area, which is maar ka thop do sala ka koi kuch nahing karenga.

  • concerned citizen said:

    This is very serious and concerning and I would be grateful if you could also post more details such as : when exactly did this incident happen? Was it reported to the police? If so, which station was the report lodged and what is the status of that report? Thank you.

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