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Local: Samaaj sewa of Fiji, USA organizers a Fundraising

21 December 2010 2,160 No Comment

The months of November to April are considered to be the Hurricane season in Fiji. Several organizations around the world gear up to help the citizens of Fiji in any way they can. There are times when financial assistance is needed in other areas too. It gives us some pleasure to note that, notwithstanding the cold and rainy weather that prevails in Bay Area at this time the “Samaaj Sewa of Fiji, USA” with the help of generous community and spearheaded by Fameeza Singh and assisted by Parma Sharma, Raj Singh and Prakesh Nand a fund raising event has been organized. This paper endorsers their activity and recommends that you all support their course.
A copy of the event flyer is attached that gives more detail about the function.

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