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Local: Indians depicted as Lions and ALL as red meat eaters.

21 January 2011 2,929 One Comment

A cartoon by Tom Meyer appearing on the OPINION page in the Daily Review of January 20th 2011 portrays Indians as Lions hungry of red meat. In there it shows newly elected Californian Governor, Jerry Brown, in animated format saying “I will go into the lion’s den and see if I can convince them to live with a little less red meat than they are used to.”

He is than seen standing in front of five lions and greeting them with “ Namaste”. The cartoon is not only demeaning , making fun of Indian race, racist but also represents all Indians as meat eaters.

While it is true that Indians happen to be very forgiving and are very tolerant but there is a limit to everything. It would be in our interest as Indians to stand up in this instance and ask for an apology from the publisher and the cartoonist.

Our Muslim brothers and sisters were hurt when a cartoon appeared in a paper that offended them. The solidarity and prompt action by them all over the world sent a message worldwide that will not let that sort of thing happen again.

Let us too send a message to the publisher and ask for a public apology that should come on the first page of their paper. Let us also take this to other media including TV stations to show that we are not going to entertain such mockery of our race.

Send your comments (E-mail: info@fijianatimes.com) and I will collate all to be on forwarded to Daily Review publisher, but please do it NOW. If you so desire, you may also send a message to the publisher direct at drounds@bayareanewsgroup.com ph. 925-945-4754

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  • MORGAN LAL said:

    This is really very disturbing and demeaning to us Indians from anywhere in the World. How rude can one get generally knowing we of Indian descent are not meat eaters, whereas the vast majority of Americans and all are. This is really offfensive coming from the Governor of California of all States.
    I voted for this idiot but never will again.
    We Indians shold protest to th highest office and emand a Public Apology.

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