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13 April 2010 6,278 3 Comments

It is indeed a pleasure to have produced this new publication to meet the needs of the Public.

I have worked with one of the major newspaper company for over 10 years and during that time I have seen and learnt almost all the ins and outs involved in generating a publication. It is not an easy task but if it is something that can be beneficial to all, the advertisers and the readers, than the task no matter how difficult gives you satisfaction at the end.

With this in mind I have taken this burden.

As we know, Taj Mahal was not built in one day and that applies not only to Taj Mahal but to any new venture that starts from scratch. So as time passes you will have the benefit of seeing more and more new features. I intend to make this publication very interesting and one that as a reader you will not want to miss picking up from your nearest grocery store.

With this said I urge you to look at page 1 of this 1st edition and accept my invitation to participate in making FIJIANA TIMES a newspaper of this decade.

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  • Semi Meo said:

    Ni sa bula


    I was referred to FIJIANA TIMES by Brisbane based Fijian Scientist Mr. Neel Kashyap.

    Of course, Taj Mahal took time to complete her magnified and breathtaking sight. Now attained a proud and permanent place in modern India’s landscape.

    Without doubt, FIJIANA will grow from strength to strength as she grows to be a worthy contender in the Former Fiji Residents News gallery across the globe; bringing hope and reviving cherished memory and enhancing connection among FIJIANA niche readership.

    Very best wishes.

    Vinaka vakalevu

  • Shalendra Sharma said:

    Congratulations Mr.Mahen Prasad!,

    This News Paper looks great!!
    Thanks for the great effort in bringing this “Fijiana Times” to our Community.

    Thank you.

  • concerned citizen said:

    Bula vinaka, I’ve just stumbled onto your online paper, congratulations. My email addy isn’t real so please don’t use it.All the best Mr. Publisher.

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