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Police uncover scrap metal ring

7 June 2011 1,479 No Comment
Jun 08, 2011

Police in the western division have uncovered a scrap metal racket and have apprehended and charged 44 men and one 19 year old female in connection with 15 telecom cable thefts and damage of optic cables in the Ba area.

The thefts occurred between March and May this year and have cost Telecom Fiji more than $80,000 in losses.

The ages of the men range from 16 – 52 years of age. All have been charged and have appeared in court in the past month as the result of a joint operation (Operation Copperfield) between Police, Telecom Fiji and Fiji Sugar Cooperation.

The other concern for Police in the western division is the increasing number of teenagers who have been apprehended with the youngest caught being a 16 year old boy from Korovuto in Ba.

All together 8 teenagers have been apprehended including a 19 year old tertiary student.

Police in the western division are now also following strong leads in another three cases with the theft of cables valued around $15,000.

“We are conducting a targeted operation and do sincerely hope that this operation will open people’s eyes and also serve as a deterrent to those planning to commit similar offences,’’ said Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri.

“Other than that, it is also shocking to learn that people are using teenagers to do the job, now these kids have a mark on their head which will be with them for life. Two of the teenagers brought in were involved in six cases together.”

“We appeal to members of the public, we appeal to the students not to be caught in this racket of earning easy money as the outcome will have a very adverse impact on your future.”

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