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7/6/11 – Cabinet approves University of Fiji Decree 2011

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Jun 08, 2011

The following decision was taken by Cabinet at its 10th scheduled meeting held this morning Cabinet has approved the University Of Fiji Decree 2011.
The Decree provides the legal framework for the establishment of the University.
Cabinet based its decision on a submission by the Minister for Education National Heritage Culture and Arts, and Youth and Sports, Mr Filipe Bole.
The University of Fiji (UniFiji) commenced operation as a higher education institution in February 2005, and is in its seventh year of operation.
It is founded and managed by the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, and registered under the Companies Act as a company without guarantee.
The Minister said that under the Higher Education Promulgation 2008, which commenced on 1st January 2010, a university can only be recognized and registered by the Higher Education Commission if it is established under an Act, or equivalent legal instrument.
He said that with this Decree, the University of Fiji will now meet the requirements of recognition and registration, as stipulated in the Higher Education Promulgation 2008.
The Decree provides for: the establishment, objectives and powers of the university; appointment and duties of the officers of the university; establishment, powers, duties, functions and meeting procedures of the Council; provisions on eligibility, appointment and vacation of membership of the Council; establishment, membership, powers, duties and functions of the university Senate; the academic structure and financial provisions of the university; provisions on academic freedom, the making of university regulations and establishment of student association organization; and transitional provisions on appointment and terms and conditions of staff and rights and entitlements of students.

Source: MOI

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