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Fiji: Lakena to receive leases

14 June 2011 1,647 No Comment
Jun 15, 2011

Squatters of Lakena Hill, Manoca, Nausori will receive official documents of their land leases from the Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment, Colonel Sameula Saumatua on Thursday, June 16.
Project officer for Lakena Hill, Mr Peni Bakewa said the land was a crown residential lot where a total of 147 lessees will be given 99 years of lease.

“Government has taken the initiative to provide families with decent housing and Lakena is one of them,” he said.

The residents will be provided with sewer lines in the future while basic infrastructural developments such as paved roads, footpaths, access way, fire hydrants, water and electricity have been provided.

At the moment the ministry is working on the registration process of the land titles.

“This is one of the two projects undertaken this year which needs completion for squatter resettlements,” Mr Bakewa said.

“Under the crown lease, residents will be able to access loans from commercial banks.

“We want to uplift the living standards and encourage people to own lands so that their livelihoods improve,” he said.

Recently, the National Housing Policy was launched by Col Saumatua. The policy requires provision of  affordable and decent housing for all communities by 2020,  an initiative through the Peoples Charter as well as the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Development.

The policy also addresses squatter issues, which has 200 settlements in the country.

The ministry is working with stakeholders such as the Ministry of Lands to see the success of Lakena Hill project.

In 2010, the ministry had similar squatter resettlements and leases given to Bangladesh residents.

For 2011, Vatoa and Lomaivuna  were recently awarded with leases.

The next project, which is near completion for the ministry, is leases for Badrau settlement in Ba.

Source: MOI

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