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Fiji’s path to democracy

10 July 2011 1,243 No Comment
Jun 30, 2011

It has been noted in past and recent statements by Australia and New Zealand, that despite a recognition that Fiji has deep-seated problems of racism, corruption, and equality, inter alia in the electoral system that govern elections, they continue to insist on an “early return to democracy” in Fiji as an panacea to these problems.

The stubborn dogmatic insistence on “early elections” as an answer to all of Fiji’s deep-seated problems only reflects the lack of understanding by Australia and New Zealand of Fiji’s desire to return to a sustainable form of democracy.

Other countries within and outside of the Pacific region have recognised Fiji’s home-grown Roadmap to Democracy as a credible roadmap to achieve a sustainable democracy that will provide the best opportunities for all its citizens equally by addressing problems of the country head on through a reform process running concurrently with preparations for elections.

The efforts of Australia and New Zealand to influence the words and actions of countries who recognise Fiji’s roadmap smacks of a superiority that assumes they know better than any other country what is good for Fiji, including Fiji itself, and runs roughshod over the notion of a partnership among equals.

Fiji will continue to adhere to its Roadmap of Democracy, which will result in the much-anticipated elections by September 2014.

Fiji calls on all partners in the international community to engage constructively with Fiji towards achieving these goals rather than standing on the sidelines and trying to dictate what they think is best for Fiji.


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