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Accused Dr Sahu Khan and Rajendra Chaudhary out of country

11 July 2011 2,500 No Comment

What’s next?

Uluilakeba Mara flees Fiji and now we find accused Dr Shahu Khan and Rajendra Chaudhary are overseas. Are they brave enough to face the courts of Fiji? One can guess only.

After several interviews with former Fiji citizens now calling USA their home, it is obvious that majority appreciate Bainimarama’s crackdown on wrongdoers. One thing is clear that the current Fiji’s regime is not biased, otherwise those mentioned above would not have any chance of leaving Fiji. However, there  are mixed reactions to the implementation of Australia and New Zealand’s sanctions on Fiji. While these countries have been instrumental in helping the deprived individuals during the coups of 1987  and 2000 they may have overlooked that the current regime which can be called as illegal is doing and have achieved more in building the country in many ways. If Fiji’s regime is illegal than what was Musaraf’s government in Pakistan? Here whole world recognised his government. There are others where same happened but the regimes were not penalised as what Fiji is facing.

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