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Fiji:Mediation office for Labasa

6 October 2011 6,005 No Comment

Mediation office for Labasa

Oct 06, 2011

Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Mr Filipe Bole will officially launch the mediation services for people of the Northern Division at the Labasa Civic Center tomorrow.

The establishment of the mediation services office, with a sole mediator providing array of services, is in line with government’s ‘Look North’ policy and the commitment to provide free, fast and fair services in the resolution of employment problems and maintaining peace and harmony in the work place.

This will also meet government’s objective of improving livelihoods for people of the Northern Division and raise the level of investment and economic production there.

The opening of the office also fulfills the growing demand in sustaining productive employment relationships and replaces services that were, until now, provided on ad-hoc basis from Suva.

The establishment of the office marks a new direction in the culture of dispute resolution for employers and workers in this part of our country.

In particular private, non court-based mediation is now institutionalised and will play a significant role in the North.

It is a historic occasion for the most vulnerable in society, who have for a very long time, eagerly waited for social justice and fair opportunity in redressing employment related problems.

The employers, likewise, will find relief under this new arrangement which is the springboard for improving productivity at workplaces through bi- partite discussion and decision making in the Labour-Management and Consultation Committee or directly with the workers.

The mediation services will be of enormous benefits to both workers and employers because it will provide them information about their employment rights and obligations.

The office will provide free awareness training on the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007 and its regulations.

It will also facilitate the resolution of individual grievances and employment disputes through practical/creative solutions that will improve their employment relationships.

Such approach will save time for the resolution of cases through the time frame set under the ERP and save money in managing protracted disputes and litigation costs because services provided by the mediation office will be absolutely free.

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