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Fiji: Memorandum binds iTaukei Affairs Board and the Fiji Police Force

6 October 2011 14,288 No Comment
Oct 06 2011

The iTaukei Affairs Board and the Fiji Police Force signed a memorandum of understanding today.

The memorandum is aimed at strengthening policing of rural iTaukei by establishing rural policing partnership between the board and the Police.

This is an outcome of National Consultation on proactive approaches to curb drug cultivation and the need to find alternative community-based approaches for effective rural policing.

In recognizing the importance of the board and the police department’s role in ensuring law and order in iTaukei communities, the two organisations have come up with the agreement that will promote mutual interest through cooperation in the field of rural policing.

The agreement will facilitate cooperation in building up of community policing awareness in rural iTaukei communities and drug related areas.

Police will closely liaise with all Roko Tuis in the organization of drug awareness programs and at the same time, strengthen community policing within iTaukei communities.

The memorandum is not a binding document but intends to facilitate the most effective and efficient use of Government and part-government agencies’ resources, intelligence and information when dealing with security matters.

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