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Pt. Vinod Chand Maharaj passed away on 10th August, 2010

16 August 2010 1,502 No Comment

Pt. Vinod Chand Maharaj was born in Labasa, Fiji and migrated to USA in December 1989. He was a firm supporter of Hindu culture, religion and had vast knowledge of Hindu rituals and Vedas. He never stopped emphasizing the teachings of his Gurus, how he gained the experience and knowledge from other Pundits and one he always admired was Pundit Krishna Kant Tiwari. Always encouraged others to do the same. How one should cope with his daily life, business and family problem were some of his teachings. He served on various Indian Community Organizations. His untiring contribution to the Hayward Hindu Temple and Hayward Community Cultural Center without the desire to obtain anything in return serves as an eye opener for all as to how one should serve the community in an unselfish manner. He was initially the Secretary than moved on to be on the Board of the Hayward Community and Cultural Center. He lived in Hayward than moved to Newman, CA and recently had settled in Antioch, CA. There he served the public by joining the local Mandali.
Early August 2010, he went to Fiji to visit family and friends for the first time after 20 years since he migrated to USA. He was due to return to USA on 25th August but on 10th August, 2010 while attending a pooja at a relative’s residence in Suva, had some heart complications and later died at CWM hospital. It was so sudden and unexpected that it left the community in Fiji and here in a shock.
Messages of condolence have been pouring in from here and abroad.

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