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Praneet P Maharaj (9/30/1977 – 8/14/2010)

18 August 2010 7,998 3 Comments

Praneet P Maharaj (9/30/1977 – 8/14/2010)

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  • Ashmeeta said:

    Bhaiya i love you and miss u soooo much! I know you are looking down on everyone… you have brought about a new meaning to the word family. Bhaiya you words of wisdom will always be remembered, I’ll see you up there! I love you soo much, and miss you terribly!

  • Ruthesh Naidoo said:

    Sneak My Brother. All them days @ the park, in Reno, walking the streets of El Cerrito – I would have never thought I would see you go. My brother, We spent so much time together – I have a lifetime of memories, unfortunately you are not here to reminisce with me. Please watch down on us – I know the force is with me, and you are with the force bro. You just beat us all to a better place, I will miss you until I see you again. Love you Dawg.

  • Vinnie said:

    R.I.P. bro, i know we all got older and split ways, but i shared great moments with you in my life. Like Ruthesh said all the fun times in the park. Memories with you will never be forgotten. I wish you were still here so we could have kicked it 1 more time bro. We love you and will miss you. See you sooner or later, have a 40 ready for me, ill be thristy.

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